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Claustrophobic friendly MRI environment


Our machine is the Philips Ingenia 3T scanner which offers a comfortable and claustrophobic friendly experience to patients. It uses the latest available technology in scanning whilst providing an immersive visual experience to the patient, who can watch a DVD or videos during the scan. 


This advanced technology positions a video screen outside the MRI, while a mirror attached to the head gear enables claustrophobic patients to focus on what’s playing on the screen and to relax during the imaging process, instead of being anxious about what’s happening during the exam.


By integrating dynamic lighting, visual projection and sound elements, with the latest advancements in diagnostic imaging, a comfortable, calm environment is created.


The likelihood of rescans is reduced, with exclusive features such as 80% acoustic noise reduction, voice guidance and a comfortable table putting the patient at ease, enabling smoother and faster scans.


The scanner has a wide 70 cm patient bore (15 cm wider than traditional scanners) and a large 55cm FOC capability which can also accommodate larger patients.


The prices for our MRI scans start from £750. Call us on 020 7580 3145 for more information or to book.



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